Caravan Bodywork Repairs

We specialise in caravan bodywork repairs. Fixing scratches, cracks and general bodywork damage.

Caravan and Motorhome Body Work Repairs

We do not always need to replace the whole panel if you have minor damage, we can restore the areas of your motorhome or caravan body work providing a cost-effective solution to bumps, scratches, dents and cracks. We always work with the customer to ensure the repair matches the budget where possible.

Parking damage to Caravan Bodywork

We see lots of caravans with damage to rear corners caused when manoeuvring.  Storage yards are notorious where spaces are tight and there is not much room between vans.  We have often been asked to work on both caravans damaged during an accident and work closely with the insurance companies where necessary to ensure all runs smoothly and and inconvenience is kept to a minimum for both parties.

Bodywork Repairs

Whether the damp in your caravan is being caused by leaking awning rails, faulty plumbing or perished window seals, we will find it and solve the problem. We will repair the cause of the damp and fix the damage caused.

Cracked Caravan Panels

You may have seen caravans with small crack above the windows. Trying to glue the panel will result in it reopening and the fix failing however under certain circumstances we can plastic weld the panel and paint the area so it can’t be seen. The best solution would be a new panel but the cost of that may make the repair uneconomical.

Small Dents in the Bodywork

Small round dents on caravans and motorhomes can be caused by awning poles falling against the van when putting up the awning or taking it down again. They can also be caused by bikes or scooters being lent against the side of the van, footballs or a chairs pushing back when grabbing another beer.

Fully Qualified Caravan Engineers

For your peace of mind, and to validate your warranty, our qualifications include:

Need Cracks Fixing in Your Bodywork?