Caravan Bodywork Repairs


Accident damage or cracked panels? Repaired by experts

Most people are aware of the problems that occur when caravan seals fail and water gets in.  Let untreated it can and will destroy a caravan.  We can examine a caravan by carrying out a full inspection with damp report and advise on the best course of action to take to rectify the problem.  We can replace and reseal window rubbers or awning rails to prevent water getting in any more through to a full strip down of wall covering and replace damage timbers.

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Clipping a gate post!

Im sure we’ve all seen this kind of damage on the side of a caravan.  The aluminium siding is so thin it is extremely easy to cause this kind of damage. 

The good news is this can be easily repaired in our workshop and no one will ever know that it had happened. 


Falling awning rails

You seen the small round dents on caravan like in teh example opposite.  Easily caused by an awning pole falling against the van when putting up the awning or taking it down again.  It can also be caused by bikes being lent against the side of the van or a chair pushing back when fetching another beer.

If it gets unsightly then get in touch today and let us discuss with you how we can bring your caravan back to its former glory.

Cracked panels

You may have seen caravans with small crack above the windows tracking upwards towards the gutter rail strip as seen opposite.

Trying to glue the panel will result in it reopening and the fix failing however under certain circumstances we can plastic weld the panel and paint the area so it can’t be seen.

The best solution would be a new panel but the cost of that can be prohibitive and may make the repair uneconomical.  We always work with the customer to ensure the repair matches the budget and explain the the potential problems that may occur in the future.

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