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Water Ingress and Damp problems repaired by experts

Most people are aware of the problems that occur when caravan seals fail and water gets in.  Let untreated it can and will destroy a caravan.  We can examine a caravan by carrying out a full inspection with damp report and advise on the best course of action to take to rectify the problem.  We can replace and reseal window rubbers or awning rails to prevent water getting in any more through to a full strip down of wall covering and replace damage timbers.

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Leaking Locker Doors

The damage opposite was caused by the seal failing around the toilet door.  The bottom timber had to be replaced as did part of the floor timbers as well as the wall board in the bathroom.

Regular servicing would have picked this up early and could have been prevented by overselling the toilet in the first instance to prevent any further ingress and then agreeing a plan with the engineer on a permanent solution at a time to suit the customer and the engineer.

Damp caused by leaking awning rails

A leaking awning rail where the sealant had failed and water was getting behind the sealant and tracking along the screws into the timber frame.  The was luckily caught in time and the timber frame did not been to be removed.  Once dried and treated this could be rebounded and the furniture rebuilt.  This caravan will last for yeas to come and won’t leak again from this area.

Perished window rubbers

The damage was caused because the windows rubbers had perished.  Water had got in to the framework and it started to cause some damage.  This was found fairly quickly and we managed to make a small repair by cutting out a piece of rotten wallboard and replacing the vinyl on the front panel.  This could have been easily preventable with regular servicing as it would have shown up on a damp check carried out during a routine service and the window rubbers could have been changed quickly and easily providing a much more cost effective solution to the problem.

Damp caused by leaking hinge rails

The hinge rail is where the window hangs and allow its to open.  Similar to an awning rail these are screwed and sealed against the shell of the caravan and when that seal fails water can track through the screw holes and cause all sorts of problems.  This had unfortunately rotted the timber that the hinge rail is screwed to so that need to be cut out and replaced as well as the entire timber frame that makes up the window structure.  Luckily the shelves were ok and didn’t need to be replaced.  This caravan is less than 6 years old

Cracked panels

You may have seen caravans with small crack above the windows tracking upwards towards the gutter rail strip as seen opposite.  This is sometimes caused because the pilot hole drilled for the screw is too small and causes stress on the panel.  With the movement of the caravan this can spread and cause a wide gap that allows water to flow freely in to the caravan.  The effects can be pretty devastating if left untreated.  This caravan was completely stripped of all timber at the front and new panels needed to be made to give strength to support the damage to the panel.  The best solution would be a new panel but the cost of that can be prohibitive and make make the repair uneconomical.  We always work with the customer to ensure the repair matches the budget and explain the the potential problems that may occur in the future.

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