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Motor Movers supplied and fitted by our experts

The caravan motor movers we supply and install provide our caravanners with the ultimate freedom to place their caravan quickly and easily anywhere without fear of damaging the caravan. With the use of a simple remote control you can move your van into the tightest of spaces whether positioning it on a caravan site or at home on the drive. You no longer need someone to watch you reverse or need to keep getting out to check whether it’s safe to continue.

Supplying and installing caravan motor movers: What's Involved?

Motor Movers for caravans fitted by our experienced and dedicated professionals.

The e-go range from PurpleLine has been designed and developed without compromise.

The concept was simple – to build a range of caravan movers with emphasis on uniting precision engineering and innovative product features. A winning combination that makes an e-go the perfect choice and up to 28% lighter than other leading brands.

The e-go range is powered by Quattro® technology. Quattro® technology is exclusive to the e-go range of caravan movers. This intelligent modular system, featuring soft-start, allows any model in the e-go range to be used on single, twin and AWD installations. The system even allows retro-fit upgrades meaning that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time. This clever technology gives you ultimate flexibility, future proofing your purchase. Quattro®technology gives you peace of mind.

Caravan motor mover installation is just one of our services.

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