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Solar panels supplied and fitted by our experts

The caravan solar panels we supply and install provide our caravanners with the ultimate freedom to settle on any site, even without a hook-up, and the knowledge that their energy consumption is carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly. Solar technology has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years. The result is they are now cheaper, greener, and more efficient than ever.

Supplying and installing caravan solar panes: What's Involved?

Solar panels for caravans fitted by our experienced and dedicated professionals.

Choosing and fitting a solar panel is a very straightforward job for our experienced team.

We offer a range of caravan roof mounted solar panels that suit most of our customers’ needs and energy usages; the type of solar panel required is very much dependent on when and where ​you are likely to sit with your caravan.

First we will take you through our range and, together, work out  the best solar panel and components for your situation (including the regulator required and the size of the panel) . 

During the installation process we take special care to make sure the wiring is well hidden. Apart from a control panel, on the inside you won’t even know it is there. 

Solar panels for caravan installation is just one of our services.

To learn more about our other services, visit our main service page.

How caravan solar panels work

Solar panels are made up of small photovoltaic cells that channel the sun’s energy into electricity. They even work in cloudy, overcast conditions.

They are great for:

  1. Wild camping

  2. Powering lights, TV sets, fridges, and water pumps

  3. Taking the burden off of the battery


All in total, a solar panel can drastically bring the cost of a camping holiday down.

There are different types of solar panels, but fixed-roof solar panels are the most convenient because they don’t have to be stored safely away.

Each solar panel comes with a solar regulator and display panel displaying battery power and energy levels.

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