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Unfortunately we no longer accepts cheques as a form of payment.  We are however happy to take cash or any major credit or debit card with our secure chip and pin terminal on the van.  Payments are processed through PayPal and you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.  You will receive an instant payment notification confirming the payment either via email or text message

We need free space around of the van of at least 1 metre so we can safely get to all areas of the outside and jack it up to remove teh wheels to check and adjust the brakes.

Current gas regulations state that a suitably qualified and competent engineer does not need to be registered with Gas Safe in order to work on a caravan or motorhome that is privately owned and used as a leisure vehicle.  If you live in it or hire it out then you will need to find a Gas Safe registered engineer.

We cover South and West Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire to carry out mobile servicing and repair work.  We have a workshop located in Retford to carry out damp repairs, body work repairs or larger scale projects.  This is however by appointment only.

It doesn’t need to be completely empty but we do need a safe working space.  Things piled up on the floor and items in the under-bed area make getting to appliances to carry out checks very difficult.  Top cupboards are ok as we only need to reach into the top corners to check for damp.

Yes, we can; either at home, caravan site or storage yard.  We have 240v power available on our vans and test electrical appliances and carry many spare parts to make repairs there and then.  If on a caravan site we will need clear access to the caravan so that both wheels can be jacked up and we can access all areas.  Potential obstacles include sheds, storage boxes and awnings.


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